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YouTuber Zakarume has uploaded several YouTube videos of his solar set up he installed at his mobile home along with the electronics he used and how he wired the components together.

His house is just 100 miles from our store location in Seymour, MO, so he was able to stop in and work with our sales and technical staff to help him design his system.


His rooftop installation of four 12 volt 240 watt solar panels makes a total of 960 watts. The panels are wired in series to achieve a 24 volt solar array.

The wiring connects to a MidNite Solar combiner box which feeds six 6 volt T-105 Trojan batteries also wired in series for a 24 volt configuration.

Altogether, that provides him with a 675 amp hour battery bank.



Battery Bank

His electronics are safely housed inside the mobile home for easy access.

On his mounting board are the MidNite Kid charge controller, MidNite Solar Whizbang Jr., and Samlex Power 600 watt 24 volt pure sine wave inverter.

The electricity generated from the solar panels run power to his computer, lighting, television, surround sound, and fans throughout his home.

Solar Panel Mounting

He also recently added our Missouri Wind and Solar Top of Pole Mount to his solar panel system.

So far, this simple and efficient mounting system has withstood 40 MPH winds with no interference. Now that's a rugged design.