Wind Turbine Mounting and tower designs

Mounting your wind turbine is one of the most critical components of installing a wind turbine system. As a general rule of thumb, higher is almost always better. Below is a great playlist of videos about wind turbine tower design and installation, including the SkyMAX Wind™ roof mount for SkyMAX Wind™ Turbines.

To obtain maximum output from our wind turbines, your tower should be a minimum of 60 feet high in a clearing, free from obstructions such as buildings and trees. Your wind turbine should be above tree tops and buildings for best performance. Wind turbines mounted on rooftops or connected to the end of buildings will see less output due to turbulent wind “dirty wind.”

As a general rule for wind turbines, the higher the better. Even though you may not be able to have a 60 foot tower, battery charging or grid feeding power is still obtainable on roof tops and short towers. The wind can blow 24 hours a day while solar is limited to 8 hours or less. One small wind turbine may not equal the output of 10 solar panels.

For those of you who are interested in Missouri Wind and Solar Adjustable Roof Mount, you can click here for more information. To watch how easy it is to install your SkyMAX Wind™ Turbine to the roof mount, just watch the following video: