Wind Turbine Guy Wire Ring
Wind Turbine Guy Wire Ring

Guy Wire Ring

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For use with our wind turbine locking collar. The locking collar provides your wind turbine tower guy wire rings something to rest on with no welding required.

Adding guy wires to your wind turbine tower reduces swaying and vibration that decreases wind turbine output.

Guy Wire Ring Features:

  • Fits up to 1/4" guy wire
  • Configured for 3 or 4 guy wires
  • 1/8 inch (3.27 mm) 

1.5 Inch Guy Wire Ring (GY34RING) Powder Coated
2 Inch Guy Wire Ring (GY34RING_2) Zinc Plated
Inside Diameter:1 15/16 Inches (49 mm)2 7/16 Inches (61.9 mm)
Outside Diameter:4 3/4 Inches (120.65 mm)
Guy Wire Hole Diameter:3/8 Inches (9.5 mm)3/8 Inches (9.5 mm)
Fits Pole Size:1 7/8 Inches OD (47.6 mm)2 3/8 Inches OD(60.3 mm)

Additional Images:

Guy Wire Ring Configuration

Recommended Use (locking collar not included):

Guy Wire Ring with Locking Collar

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