Suntaqe Inverter Charger – Utilizing Solar Power without Batteries

Suntaqe Inverter Charger – Utilizing Solar Power without Batteries

Have you seen what you can do with our Suntaqe inverter charger?  Not entirely sure what it is?  This product is a real powerhouse – if you’ve got a remote area where you need accessible AC power, the Suntaqe inverter charger provides that capability WITHOUT the need for batteries.

Typically, you’d connect your solar panel to the charge controller and batteries and make the inverter connection to your battery bank to prevent damage to the inverter.  The Suntaqe allows you to bypass the use of the battery bank while protecting your inverter and providing immediate, usable power output.

The included Aims inverter even has two USB ports for charging your electronic devices without adapters.

Find the Suntaqe inverter and pond aeration kits here

What can you use the Suntaqe for?

Pond aeration:

Campsites & RVs:


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7 Responses to Suntaqe Inverter Charger – Utilizing Solar Power without Batteries

  1. David Spence says:

    Could this work on higher amp application.

    • Alex says:

      Hello Dave,
      We are working on a larger unit. We have up to 300 watts as of right now. We are always working on R&D trying to test the limits of what can be achieved. Right now we have hit what the equipment can handle.

  2. Bobby McDaniels says:

    I saw your video on Solar Power without batteries. It was great. I have about 1acre tank I want to aerate. Can you help me with a kit to build my own? I already have a 100 watt panel (new). Just let me know what I need and I can order from MW&S

    • Alex says:

      Hello Bobby,
      We can certainly build a system that would fit your application. We have a 1/4 hp rocker pump that would aerate that 1 acre tank. If you would like you can contact us here at the store at

  3. Kevin Jones says:

    I am interested in solar powering a small chicken coop. We live in Fort Collins, CO. Abundant year round sunshine, however, we can have short spells of frigid temps well below zero, so an economically priced system for heated watering, supplemental lighting and perhaps ventilation fan, is of most interest.
    Thank you,

  4. GRTUD says:

    Props on Dark Side of the Moon – “Money”, song selection!

  5. Chris says:

    I want to buy 3 of the relays you have so I can run 3 pumps with 3 panels what is your cost?

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