Morningstar TriStar 600 Volt 60 Amp MPPT Charge Controller

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Morningstar MPPT 600V Solar Charge Controller With DC Transfer Switch and GFPD

NOTE: This model comes with the pre-wired ground fault protection device (GFPD-600V).

The Morningstar TS-MPPT-600V-48-DB-TR-GFPD is designed to handle much higher string voltages than traditional charge controllers. Because it can handle up to 600 volts open circuit (Voc) solar input, that means you can cut down on your installation time and costs. By using a high voltage string, you can use smaller wire to complete the installation and use a smaller combiner box.

The unit is designed and factory preset to work only with 48 volt battery banks. It has one of the best conversion efficiency ratings in the industry and optimizes battery health with its advanced four stage charging algorithm. It also has built in electronic protection against lightning and transient surges. For off-grid PV systems with 150VDC or greater open circuit voltage (Voc) and long wire runs, this charge controller is perfect.

If you have a grid-tie solar system and want to add battery backup, this controller with a built-in transfer switch makes that an easy task. In the case of a grid power outage, you simply set the transfer switch to battery power, which uses your existing solar array to charge your battery bank. The battery bank powers an inverter that supplies power to an electrical panel for critical loads.

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about using the transfer switch with battery backup.

Key Features & Benefits:
The TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller delivers high reliability and excellent performance and features
  • 97.9% peak efficiency.
  • Morningstar’s advanced 4-stage charging algorithm to optimize battery health
  • Robust thermal, mechanical and electrical design
  • Environmentally optimized and equipped with extensive electronic protections
  • Industry standard open communication protocols and interfaces for system networking, monitoring and communications
  • Superior lightning protection from nearby lightning-induced voltage/current spikes
The TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller’s high voltage capability and flexible design enable several application scenarios including:
  • Adding modules incrementally with no string sizing issues
  • Off-grid PV systems greater than 150 Voc with long wire runs from the array to the controller
  • New installation grid-tie PV systems with battery back-up
  • Retrofitting string PV inverter systems to later add battery back-up without changing the PV array configuration
  • Battery-based Wind systems
  • Water pumping applications


Peak Efficiency97.9%
Maximum Battery Current60 Amps
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)600 Volts DC
Input Operating Voltage Range100 - 525 Volts DC
Nominal Solar Input3,200 Watts
Nominal System Battery Voltage48 Volts DC
Self Power Consumption1.75 - 2.5 Watts
Transient Surge Protection4,500 Watts/port
Wire Size Range#14 AWG - #2 AWG
Enclosure RatingIndoor Use Only
Dimensions21.4" x 8.7" x 5.9"
Weight28.1 pounds
Warranty5 Years

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