Check Valve for 3/8 Inch Hose
Check Valve for 3/8 Inch Hose

Triple Barb In-Line Check Valve - 3/8"

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Helps to reduce heat build-up and speeds up airflow to diffusers.

Simply put, a check valve allows flow in one direction and automatically prevents backflow (reverse flow) when fluid or air in the line reverses direction. They are one of the few self-automated valves that do not require assistance to open and close. The design of the check valve is such that it will operate in any orientation. When used in conjunction with any of our pond aeration kits, it is best that they are installed in-line roughly six inches before each diffuser. This will increase startup airflow to the diffusers and help avoid heat build-up to the air pump. 

  • 3/8" Hose Barb Inlet/Outlet
  • Epichlorohydrine Diaphragm
  • Nylon Housing
  • May be used with air, gas and fluid systems


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