One of our earliest customers, Theo has an off grid home that he built in a remote area in Volos, Greece. Theo chose not to connect to the grid due to the high cost of running the power lines to his home. Instead, he opted for a battery bank charged by a wind turbine and solar panels. His home also utilizes a gas stove to offset electric power usage.

Theo started with a 12 volt system that he later upgraded to a 24 volt system as he added to his battery bank. He also changed out the 12 volt stator in his PMA to a 24 volt model to make it compatible. The HVA is designed for 12, 24, and 48 volt systems which makes it perfect for future expansion.

Theo combined his 9 blade 24 volt wind turbine and solar panels with the rugged and versatile HVA Hybrid Charge Controller, a 1200 watt resistor bank dump load, and 60 amp disconnect switch. The six solar panels are monocrystalline for more efficient power production.

Here is a video of the upgraded wind turbine setup:



The video below shows his home with his solar panels installed:

This video really highlights why hybrid wind and solar systems are ideal. The two systems really work great together for optimizing battery charging potential. We so appreciate Theo capturing and sharing the entire process of his off grid journey with everyone. We've had our wind turbines in some of the harshest climates in the world and this is no exception.



To see all of Theo's videos on his off grid home, please visit his YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Want to see how his system looks 7 years later? Make sure you
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