Did you see our original wind turbine installation post from Theo in Greece? After many years in the sun & salt air, he's given us 7 year wind turbine update on the condition and operation and if it still works.

To give you some background, Theo's island home in Greece is completely off grid. His wind turbine was purchased in 2010 and has been in constant operation since. The island conditions in Greece are harsh with wind, tons of saltwater air, and direct sunlight. His home is powered by the wind turbine and a handful of solar panels. Theo gives up an up close view of the condition of his wind turbine - these machines are truly built to last.

Theo is using the Raptor Generation 4 (G4) carbon fiber blades and our 7 magnet PMA (permanent magnet alternator) and a wire tension system for this setup. When installing a wind turbine in a saltwater environment, we highly recommend a marine varnish coating on the inside of the PMA or PMG. Regular application of grease to the bearings is a must!

Watch Theo's videos below on his complete 7 year update and review on how well his Missouri Wind wind turbine has held up.

Part 1 of the 7 Year Wind Turbine Update




Part Two of the 7 Year Wind Turbine Update


For even more of Theo's off-grid wind turbine installation and details about his charge controller and other components used, see this post.