Birds and Micro Wind Turbines

Birds and Wind Turbines

Are Micro Wind Turbines a Danger to Birds? Here at Missouri Wind and Solar, we are often asked if wind turbines pose a threat to birds.  We have quite a few wind turbines up at our store in Seymour, MO.  There are several mounted on the rooftop as well as on … Continue reading

Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review

Preston Stroud’s AIMS 6000 watt 220 Split Phase Inverter Review & Demo Emergency Backup Power Supply During a Power Outage In Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review YouTube video, he gives a demonstration of using an AIMS 6000 watt 220 volt split phase inverter to plug into a home breaker … Continue reading

Missouri Wind Equipment in Nunavik, the Quebec Arctic


Missouri Wind and Solar Equipment Nunavik, the Quebec Arctic Hank Smith sent us a write up on his recent purchase of Missouri Wind and Solar equipment.  The 7 blade wind turbine and solar panels were installed at their wilderness camp in the Arctic region of Nunavik, Quebec.  The Leaf River … Continue reading

Where to Install a Wind Turbine

Where to Install a Wind Turbine Tips for Where NOT to Site Your Wind Turbine Generator Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar talks about the difference between mounting locations and styles as well as pros and cons to where you site your wind turbine generator.   Dirty Wind and Expectations The peak … Continue reading

Customer Project: Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower

Wind Turbine Customer Project Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower Installation   You may remember Hensley Isaac’s 11 Blade Freedom II Missouri Wind Turbine project from May 2015.  After some consideration and resourcefulness, he’s decided to re-site his wind turbine and design a completely new wind turbine tower.  He’s continuously working to put … Continue reading