Missouri Falcon Wind Turbine at the Wishbone Game Ranch

Missouri Falcon Wind Turbine at Wishbone Game Ranch

In 2016 we had the opportunity to work with customer Dan Hall on a wind and solar project at the Wishbone Game Ranch in Texas. … Continue reading

Theo’s 7 Year Update on Missouri Wind and Solar Wind Turbine in Greece

Missouri Wind Turbine Do They Last

Did you see our original wind turbine installation post from Theo in Greece?  After many years in the sun & salt air, he’s given us … Continue reading

Theo’s Off Grid Home in Greece

Theo's Hybrid Wind and Solar House

One of our earliest customers, Theo has an off grid home that he built in a remote area in Volos, Greece. Theo chose not to … Continue reading

Heber Soto’s Wind Turbine in Puerto Rico

Heber Soto’s Wind Turbine & HVA in Puerto Rico Thank you to Heber Soto for making this great video of his wind turbine in Puerto … Continue reading