60 Liter Solar Pond Aeration Kit

Pond Aeration without Batteries for Remote Ponds


250 Watt Solar Pond Aeration Kit with Suntaqe Digital PWB Inverter Controller


1/3 Acre Solar pond aeration kit from Missouri Wind and Solar - no batteries required!


Simple, easy set up to bring portable power where you need it.  Simply deploy in the field, set it and forget it!

Supply oxygen to your pond and keep it from freezing over in cold weather.  No chemical additions - just clean, renewable energy.

Ideal for ponds that are 1/3 acre in size and up to 8' in depth

This Solar Pond Aeration Kit Includes:

This kit may experience short periods of down time with heavy cloud cover or shading.  If you need more continuous aeration, we recommend two solar panels.

What is pond aeration?  Why is it important?

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to the water which is one of the most important factors aiding in the organic breakdown of decaying vegetation and other sources of nutrients in the pond. 

Without getting overly technical, there are two types of decomposition: aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen).  Often, the end products of anaerobic decomposition are organic compounds, including alcohols and organic acids, which result in a foul odor (that mucky pond smell).

Though nature itself provides sufficient oxygen, the addition of nutrients introduced to the pond from runoff, road/construction dust, grass clippings, and leaves from nearby trees, increases the demand for oxygen.  If the demand for more oxygen isn’t met, it often results in fish kills, algae blooms, foul odors, and the buildup of stagnant vegetation.

In short, by facilitating the oxygenation of the water, you’re aiding in the health of your pond which adds enjoyment, a clean drinking supply for livestock, and a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic life without the addition of harsh chemicals.