Customer Project: Harrel Remmer’s Solar Powered Ice Cream Truck

Customer Project: Harrel Remmer’s Solar Powered Ice Cream Truck

Our Henderson, Nevada customer, Harrel Remmer invested time and money to create the first solar powered ice cream truck in Nevada.

Four polycrystalline solar panels line the roof of the truck and feed down through the charge controller, keeping his two freezers at a chilly -23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch the news video below on all the details

Click here if you’d like to check out Harrel’s facebook page, U Scream Ice Cream.

Missouri Wind and Solar carries a variety of solar panel mounts for your ATV, boat, golf cart, or RV.  We offer a drill-free ABS plastic roof mount, simple z-clip brackets, and a fully adjustable aluminum mount.

We really love hearing about your projects!  If you’ve got one to share, send it to us at

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  1. patricia gilbert says:

    how many miles it got where can i get the truck can you deliver

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