Solar Grid Tie Charge Controller Board with Optional Power Inverter
Solar Grid Tie Charge Controller Board with Optional Power Inverter

Solar Grid Tie Charge Controller Board with Optional Power Inverter

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All In One Charge Controller Board

with Optional 2500 Watt 24 VDC Aims Power Inverter

This all in one charge controller board includes:

  • (1) 440 Amp 10,000 Watt charge controller
  • (1) Disconnect box
  • (1) 200 amp fuse and holder
  • (1) 500 Watt Grid Tie Inverter
  • (1) Optional DC to AC modified inverter 24 Volt 2500 Watt model

Designed, assembled and quality checked in Missouri USA using global parts.

Completely pre-wired and ready to connect to your batteries with heavy duty fine stranded copper cable, tinned copper lugs, and dual wall heat shrink.

Due to high customer demand, we've now added a 500 watt grid tie inverter as a diversion load. Using solar only, when your battery reaches full charge the charge controller activates the grid tie inverter feeding excess power directly into your home's electrical circuits saving you money (this can happen quite frequently during the day).

The grid tie inverter plugs into any 120 volt AC 60 hertz grid power connected wall receptacle (outlet). The optional DC to AC power inverter connects directly to your battery bank allowing you to power up 120 volt AC devices directly. In addition, the optional DC to AC Aims Power Inverter works as a 'back-up' or 'stand-alone' unit providing you with another source of free power whether the grid is working or not. Being able to run lighting, emergency equipment, and keep your refrigerator cold when the grid is down is a valuable benefit! If you do not have grid power, see our other All In One Charge Controller Boards for stand alone or remote power.

Additional important info:

We've made some important modifications to the assembly to make the grid tie inverter operate and to operate safely and reliably. The grid tie inverter alone cannot power devices directly. It must be plugged into a wall outlet connected to grid power. The optional DC to AC power inverter can, however.

We recommend 250 to 1000 watts total of 24 volt solar charging panels on small or medium sized battery banks and up to 3,600 watts on larger battery banks. The charge controller will come preset to disconnect the incoming solar power when the batteries are full therefore if the electric grid power is OFF you will not overcharge your batteries. This is important because the grid tie inverter must 'see'grid power ON to feed power to it. The charge controller will still however go into a diversion cycle lasting up to 5 minutes each time.

Because grid power is not 100% reliable, we are unable to allow the connection of wind turbines directly to this control board. However you may use an additional charge controller of suitable size and with its own diversion load to connect wind turbines to the same battery bank. This will help fill the batteries even faster and can provide valuable power at night. Even though the grid tie inverter is connected and prewired to the control board, it is not UL1741 listed. A common question we're asked is "Can I connect the grid tie inverter output to the regular battery inverter outlet/receptacle or visa versa," the answer is NO as this would most likely cause failure of the system in part or in full (i.e. irreparable damage). This controller board is simple to install, but, if in doubt, hire an electrician to help you.

Some of the key features of this controller are:

  • Microprocessor controlled - This is very important for both stability and functionality.
  • User changeable settings - Several controllers on the market set the dump level, and that's that!
  • Super High amp rating - 440 Amps - 10,000 watts. 440 Amps surge, 125 Amps continuous.
  • Works directly with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems. - The relay contacts can handle open collector voltages of up to 120 volts.
    (Note: The All In One Board is designed to work only with 24 volt systems.)
  • High Contrast LED battery voltage - Several controllers do not tell you what's going on - This one does!
  • High Contrast LED turbine amperage meter.
  • Meters can be shut using the on/off switch.
  • Two factory installed, fully wired DC breakers and disconnects.
  • Entire unit is wired and ready to go for both wind and solar.
  • Battery status LED
  • Push to test - Ever wonder if your controller & load are working OK?
  • Large (8" x 12") solid steel enclosure, with multiple conduit knockouts
  • Large enough terminal blocks that you can actually terminate large wire (See notes below.)
  • The electronics are fully isolated from the enclosure, no ground loops.
  • Draws almost no energy while monitoring (all electronics must use some power, to work - this is a miser)
  • Reverse Polarity protected.

Some specifics about the points made above:

The microprocessor is the heart of the controller. It is given the battery voltage and the user changeable trip points. This information is analyzed and acted upon.

The Battery level is checked, and based on that info, the Green LED flashes or is illuminated as follows

  1. (One) Flash indicates the battery is less than 12 volts (12 volt system) - Double for 24 volts, etc.
  2. (Two) Flashes indicates the battery is 12 to 12.5 volts
  3. (Three) Flashes indicates the battery is 12.6 to 13 volts
  4. (Four) Flashes indicate the battery is 13.1 to 13.5 volts
  5. (Five) Flashes indicates the battery is above 13.5 volts but less than 13.9 volts (Settings are adjustable)

Steady green means the battery is full.

The red LED is illuminated when the battery is being dumped at 28.8 volts (or the charge source diverted.)

The dump remains active for a minimum of 5 seconds, at which time it is checked by the microprocessor. If battery voltage drops below the "Dump Cancel " level, the dump is disabled, otherwise the dump is continued and rechecked every 5 seconds.

When you click the "TEST" push-button - the 5 second cycle is started (one time, unless the batteries are within the "Dump Start" and "Dump Cancel" zone.)

Settings are user changeable! By simply turning a simple potentiometer with a small screwdriver, you can quickly adjust the trip point.

High amp rating -- 440 Amps! -- 10,000 watts!! -- This is a MONSTER controller.

** 150 amp heat activated breakers have been installed to limit continuous current to 150 amps. Instantaneous current handling of this unit not to exceed 440 amps. **

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