508 Liter Solar DC Chest Freezer
508 Liter Solar DC Chest Freezer

508 Liter Solar Deep Chest Freezer

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Solar powered DC freezers are a reliable, efficient way to store food that lowers the cost of power consumption. Our solar freezer offers thick insulation and a design that is optimal for off grid, solar, wind, or hydro power.

Perfect for remote areas where grid power may not be available or affordable - make sure your food supply is safe in the event of a power outage.

Our DC freezers are affordable with lots of features:

  • Dual lids for easy access

  • Locking lid for safety and security

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Lid gasket for tight seal

  • Drain hole for easy cleaning

  • Easy to clean interior

  • Removable storage basket for organization

  • Casters for easy moving

DC Freezer Specifications:

Input Voltage

24 VDC

Power Consumption

160 Watts


508 Liters /
134 Gallons

Wall Thickness

Lid: 2.75 Inches
Side Walls: 3 Inches

Temperature Range

-18 °C

Product Dimensions (Exterior)

60 x 26.6 x 36.6 in /
1525 x 675 x 930 mm

Shipping Dimensions

62 x 30 x 39 in /
1580 x 770 x 990 mm


150 lbs /
68 kg

Recommended Solar Components:

  • Solar Panel: 600 Watts

  • Battery: 300 AH

  • Controller: 30 Amps

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