SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator
SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator

SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator

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Introducing the SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator for 12, 24, and 48 Volt Batteries

Over time, sulfate deposits build up on the battery plates within a lead acid. This sulfation will gradually build and limit the battery's ability to charge, store, and release energy.

Batteries are one of the most costly investments in your wind or solar application, make sure to optimize their performance and expand their life with a SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator.

 The SkyMax Re-State connects to the battery positive and negative battery posts and that's it! Your desulfator is at work, helping the batteries charge more quickly and efficiently by generating an intermittent high frequency pulse that reduces any sulfate build-up that has already occurred and prevents new deposits from forming.

 Removal and prevention of sulfates improves overall battery performance and longevity. Keep batteries out of the landfill by expanding their life.

Battery VoltageOperating VoltageConsumption (mA)Impuls Current / Hz
12 Volts12.9 V
40-701.56 A / 8.34
24 Volts
29.8 V
20-351.56 A / 8.34
48 Volts
51.6 V
15-291.56 A / 8.34

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