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UniRac SolarMount End Clamps

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Select UniRac SolarMount top mounting clamps if you prefer to install solar PV modules after securing the footings and the rails. This sequence for installation is especially well suited for flush mounting. Top mounting clamps do not use module mounting holes, allowing more flexibility in rail placement.

B End Clamp
C End ClampD End ClampE End ClampF End ClampK End Clamp
 Fits 39 mm to 41 mm
(1.54 to 1.61") module thickness
Fits 33 mm to 36 mm
(1.30 to 1.42") module thickness 
Fits 38 mm to 40 mm
(1.50 to 1.57") module thickness 
Fits 50 mm to 52 mm
(1.97 to 2.05") module thickness
 Fits 45 mm to 47 mm
(1.77 to 1.85") module thickness 
Fits 39 mm to 41 mm
(1.54 to 1.61") module thickness 

    Clamp Features and Specifications:

    • Clear anodized
    • Includes clamps with T-bolts and flange nuts.
    • 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion
    • Weight: 0.15 lbs (0.0682 kg)

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    Watch our YouTube video below for a better understanding of how the UniRac SolarMount is assembled


    UniRac Solar Mount Components and Assembly Diagram

    UniRac Solar Mount Components and Assembly Diagram

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    Click Here for UniRac SolarMount Installation Guide

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