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ENS Series PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

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ENS Series PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

Available in 40 amp and 60 amp models.

A solar charge controller is one of the key components of an off-grid solar system. The ENS series can accommodate multiple battery styles. It includes a large LCD screen for easy viewing. Aluminum heat sink for quick cooling. Solar Charge Controller for both 12 and 24 Volt Systems.

Digital solar charge controller features: 

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • 12-volt and 24-volt Battery Auto Sensing (one controller does both)
  • Dual solar terminal input
  • Large LCD display
  • External temperature sensor
  • Temperature-compensated, three-stage I-U curve charge regulation
  • Full electronic protection (reverse polarity, over-current, short-circuit, over temperature, current drawback, lightening, etc.)
  • Changeable settings for constant voltage charge, low voltage disconnect and reconnect

Use the load timer to run our solar grid-tie inverters during peak hours right from your batteries and or solar panels. Set the on and off time to run it as long as you want. Peak hours are when the electric company charges you almost twice as much to use your electricity. This is usually between 11-3 pm in the summer and 5-10 pm in the winter!

The controller has four battery input terminals, four solar panel input terminals, and four load terminals. The load terminals are for running various DC loads like lights or our solar grid-tie inverters. It has full self-protection, overload protection, short circuit, reverse connection, overcharging and over discharging, etc. 

When the battery is connected to the charge controller, it will detect the voltage of the battery first then will decide how to charge the battery connected. 

The controller has an LCD display, 4 buttons, and 8 terminals. The LCD screen displays the battery voltage, total PV charge Ah, total PV discharge Ah, constant voltage charge setting, low voltage disconnect setting, and low voltage reconnect setting.

Charge Controller Specifications:  


40 Amp (PWMSCC_40)

60 Amp (PWMSCC_60)

Nominal Battery Charge Current



Maximum PV Input Power

600W@12V / 1200W@24V

900W@12V / 1800W@24V

Normal Voltage

12/24V, automatic recognition

Maximum Solar Input Voltage (VOC)


Minimum Solar Input Voltage (VMP)


Power Conversion Efficiency

Max. 90%

Standby Power Consumption


Length ≤1m Charge Loop Drop


Length ≤1m Discharge Loop Drop


Temperature Compensation

-3 mv/cell *K

LCD Screen Display

Battery voltage, total PV charge Ah, total PV discharge Ah, constant voltage charge setting, low voltage disconnect setting, low voltage reconnect setting.


Menu, Load (On/Off), Up, Down

Ambient Temperature Range

-40 to 50°C

Case Protection


Float Charge


Constant Voltage Charge

14.6V (14~15V settable) / 29.2V (28~30V settable)

Low Disconnect Voltage

11V (10.4~11.4V settable) / 22V (20.8~22.8V settable)

Low Reconnect Voltage

12.8V (12.2~13.2V settable) / 25.6V (24.4~26.4V settable)


Positive Grounding

Battery Type

GEL, AGM, Solar Battery, etc.

Dimensions (LxWxH)

6.77” x 4.96” x 2.95” (172mm x 126mm x 75mm)


1.7 lbs (0.77 kg)


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