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Magnum ME BMK Battery Monitoring Kit with Shunt

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Magnum ME BMK Battery Monitoring Kit with Shunt

Monitoring your battery bank is easy with the Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK)* from Magnum Energy. Acting as a “fuel gauge” for your batteries, the ME-BMK monitors their state of charge (SOC) and then provides this information in an easy-to-understand display via the ME-ARC or ME-RC remotes. With accurate SOC readings, you can avoid unnecessary battery recharging, saving on fuel and long-term maintenance costs.

If you already have a Magnum Inverter/Charger and Remote (ME-ARC or ME-RC) (requires remote rev 2.0 or higher), the ME-BMK is an easy retrofit. Simply install the kit according to the installation manual and begin monitoring your battery bank via the “Meter” button.

Product Features:

    • Compatible with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems
    • One adjustable setting - very easy setup
    • All battery meter and Magnum inverter/charger set-up and monitoring features in a single convenient display – doesn’t require multiple displays for inverter and battery system information
    • Displays reliable and pertinent information; such as:
      • Battery State of Charge
      • Battery Voltage
      • Battery Current
    • Auto-detecting input voltage
    • Temperature and battery bank capacity automatically compensated and coordinated between inverter and battery monitor
  • Precision 500A/50mv DC shunt (included in ME-BMK)
  • Automatic efficiency detection



  • DC Volts: 7 to 70 (±0.5%) auto voltage detection
  • DC Amps: ±0.1 to 999 (±1.0%)
  • Battery SOC %: 0 to 100% (1% increments)
  • Power Draw: <0.6 watts
  • Amp Hours In/Out: ±32,768 amp hours (1 AH increments)
  • rAH out (resettable amp hours removed): 0 to 65,535 amp hours, resettable (0.1 AH increments)
  • tAH out (total amp hours removed): 0 to 65,535,000 amp hours (0.1 k or 100 AH increments)
  • Minimum/Maximum DC: 7 to 70 VDC, resettable
  • Shipping Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)
  • Kit Includes: Manual, sense module, DC shunt, twisted pair wire, and communication cable
  • Sense Wire: Twisted pair - blue & orange, 5 foot length, 18 AWG wire
  • Communication Cable: 4-conductor, 10 foot twisted pair, telephone standard
  • Remote Requirements: Use with an ME-RC with firmware revision of 2.0 or higher or an ME-ARC (all revisions)

DC Shunt:

  • Resistance: 0.1 milliohm (500A at 50mV)
  • Continuous Current: 410 amperes maximum
  • Overload Current: Overloads to 500 amps for less than 5 minutes if normally operated at less than 300 amps
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