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24 Volt 40 Amp Charge Controller Regulator Continuous Duty Relay

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Compact and economical 24-volt diversion/disconnect charge controller paired with our heavy-duty relay

The microprocessor is the heart of the controller. It is given the battery voltage and the user changeable trip points.

Charge Controller Features:
  • Microprocessor controlled

  • User changeable settings

  • High amp rating

  • Battery status LED

  • Push to test

  • Heavy-gauge, solid steel gang switch box enclosure (standard outlet box)

  • Long leads for easy termination

  • Can divert the source from the batteries to the load, or dump both the batteries along with the source

The Battery level indicator illuminates as follows:

  • (One) Green flash indicates the battery is less than 24 volts
  • (Two) Green flashes indicate the battery is 24- 25V
  • (Three) Green flashes indicate the battery is 25.2 - 26V
  • (Four) Green flashes indicate the battery is 26.2 - 27V
  • (Five) Green flashes indicate the battery is above 27V but less than 27.8V (settings are adjustable)
  • Steady green indicates the battery is full
  • Red indicates the battery is being dumped at 29V (or the charge source diverted)

The dump remains active for a minimum of 5 seconds, at which time it is checked by the microprocessor. If the battery voltage drops below the "Dump Cancel " level, the dump is disabled, otherwise, the dump is continued and rechecked every 5 seconds.

  • When you click the "TEST" push-button - the 5-second cycle is started (one time, unless the batteries are within the "Dump Start" and "Dump Cancel" zone.)
  • Settings are user changeable. By simply turning a simple potentiometer with a small screwdriver, you can quickly adjust the trip point.
  • Controller/Regulator is configured at 40 amps. There is nothing stopping you from adding more relays for nearly an unlimited amount of load capability. The internal regulator can handle 4 relays.

Load diversion: The basic operating philosophy of a diversion controller is quite simple. Monitor the battery voltage, and if it should rise to a predetermined level, connect a diversion load (or "Dummy Load"), of sufficient size, to the battery or energy source to prevent the battery voltage from increasing any further. This is a very simple, yet very effective way of preventing battery overcharging. All alternate energy systems should have some form of battery overcharge protection.

Continuous Duty Relay Features:

  • Silver nickel alloy stationary contact, cadmium plated copper moving the contact
  • 4 large 19/64" posts and fits 5/16" lugs
  • Contact studs are 5/16-24
  • Switch term are #10-32
  • Coil draws 1 amp at 14V
  • 300 amp inrush, 100 amp continuous rated
  • Higher currents will shorten the life
  • Heavy duty external lugs can handle millions of cycles at very high amp loads without fusing together and sticking like copper to copper contact versions will
  • Can be operated at 100% duty cycle conducting loads up to 440 amps or 10,000 watts. Please note that the normally closed contacts can handle 100 amps continuous duty.
  • A TRUE HEAVY DUTY relay!

These MWS440 series continuous duty relays are sold in non-grounded insulated cases (lightning proof). They are made for Missouri Wind and Solar only. Use for building your own controller or to upgrade your existing controller. Great addition to a dump load for diverting or controlling wind and or additional solar up to 10,000 watts on many PWM or MPPT charge controllers. These are not like standard relays that can only run for a short duration before burning up but are true industrial duty models that are not bothered by heat, dirt or continuous ON time!

Wiring Examples for Charge Controller:

Solar Panel to Charge Controller Disconnect Wiring Diagram

Standard Diversion Charge Controller Wiring Diagram

Diversion Control to Battery Disconnect Wiring Diagram

Dual Charge Controller Diversion Disconnect Wiring Diagram

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