Raptor Generation 5 Blade Assembly

How to Assemble Your New Blade Set

          Raptor G5 Blade Features

          Why Invest in G5 Wind Turbine Blades

          • Torque: The length and size of the Raptor G5 blades provide necessary torque for real power output from wind turbines.

          • Quality: Impact resistant Generation 5 Blades are UV coated for long life and hubs are zinc plated to resist rust.

          • Large Diameter, Silent Operation: 70 and 79 inch diameter blades are tapered at the tip for silent operation

Direction and Placement on Hub

The image shown here illustrates the Raptor G5 Wind Turbine Blade Assembly.  Please be sure to read all of the notes below to ensure you have installed them in the correct direction.

All Raptor G5 Wind Turbine blades have a flat side that must face the wind. The "notch" at the blade base will be on the right side if installed correctly. Only tighten the blade bolts to 10 pounds of torque or the blade handles may crack. Use the provided self locking nuts or the blades may come loose.

The blades are flexible and they may arrive with a slight bend. If this is the case, install them as they will self-straighten in the wind within a couple of weeks and remain straight permanently.

The Raptor G5 wind turbine hubs are zinc plated to resist rust and do not require painting. The wind turbine blades have a 25 year UV protectant and do not require painting.

WARNING: The Raptor G5 blades turn very fast and can cause severe bodily damage if you come into contact with them. Never place a wind turbine near power lines or structures. Place wind turbine high enough to be out of reach of children and inexperienced persons. Missouri Wind and Solar, LLC assumes no liability for injury or damage caused by these blades.

Raptor G5 Blade Assembly Diagram

Blade Alignment

The blade and hub mounting holes are not a precision fit. When installing the blades on to the hub, avoid tightening the bolts down until the entire assembly is vertical. This will ensure that the blades are not installed crooked.

Rotate the assembly until one blade is facing directly downward, then pull downward on the blade as you tighten it. This will ensure that each blade is radiating directly outward from the center. Once you are done tightening all the bolts, you can measure blade tip to blade tip. All measurements should be the same. If not, loosen and re-tighten the ones that need it.