Raptor G4 Blade Assembly and Warning

Raptor G4 Wind Turbine Blade Assembly

All Raptor blades have a flat side at the tip that must face the wind.  On the Generation 4 (G4) blades, the words “Raptor USA” must be showing when assembly is complete. The bolts are meant to be snug in the hole, but ff the bolts fit too tightly, you can re-drill the blade using a 1/4″ drill bit.

Use the provided self-locking nuts or the blades could come loose. The blades are flexible and you might receive them slightly bent. If this is the case, install the blades anyway and they will self straighten in the wind after a couple of weeks and stay this way permanently.

Only tighten the blade bolts to 7 foot pounds of torque, or the blade handle may crack! The wind turbine hubs come zinc plated and do not require painting.

Safety Warning: The Raptor G4 blades turn very quickly and may cause severe bodily damage if you come in contact with them. Never place a wind turbine near power lines or structures. Place wind turbines high enough to be out of the reach of children and inexperienced persons. Missouri Wind and Solar assumes no liability for injury or damages caused by these blades.

Raptor G4 Wind Turbine Blade Assembly

To view a larger image, simply click on the diagram above.

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