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Power Inverter Types

DC to AC and Grid Tie Power Inverter Types

How to choose between modified and pure sine wave inverters and plug-in grid tie or wired grid tie power inverters


A DC to AC power inverter allows you to  convert the stored power from your battery bank to the tools and appliances you want to operate

The term “ sine wave ” refers to the type of power the inverter is producing – typically  modified  sine wave or  pure  sine wave. 

Missouri Wind & Solar carries a variety of power inverters, but you need to know which unit is the best for your application.

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Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

  • Most common

  • Lower starting price ($$-$$$$)

  • Emits a "blocky" sine wave

  • Primarily used for operating lighting and most power tools

  • May cause static, buzzing, and/or humming when used with electronics

  • Draws more amps to operate (battery power is used more quickly)

  • May reduce the lifespan of large appliances, like refrigerators.

  • Cannot be wired into a wall outlet

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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters

  • Higher price point ($$-$$$$)

  • Produces a "smooth" power that closely resembles (or is better than) power from the utility grid

  • Primarily used for electronics, such as  laser printers, medical equipment, televisions,  and variable speed power tools and cordless tool battery chargers

  • Draws less amps to operate (battery power lasts longer)

  • Cannot be wired into a wall outlet

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Plug-in Grid-Tie Power Inverter

  • Inexpensive ($$$)

  • Feeds back into the grid

  • Turns off if the grid power is down

  • Somewhat limited by wattage rating (about 500 watts)

  • Very easy to use, plug and play operation

  • Inverter is plugged into a regular household outlet

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Grid-Tie Power Inverter

  • Expensive ($$$$)

  • Designed to be wired into your fuse box

  • Pure Sine Wave

  • Higher wattage rating (1,500 watts to 10,000 watts+)

  • May or may not be used with a battery bank depending on the manufacturer and inverter type

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If you’re interested in the plug-in grid tie inverter, we recommend watching the video below:


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