Alternative Energy Scams, Hoaxes and Other Assorted Snake Oils

This week David and Wes discuss the less pleasant side of renewable energy – alternative energy scams, hoaxes and other assorted snake oils. They review the different scams and what to look out for when purchasing your wind power or solar power equipment.

This week’s podcast is full of great tips on how to be a savvy consumer when it comes to evaluating lofty claims.  Your purchase is an investment, do your research before you buy to avoid to good to be true pricing and products!

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2 Responses to Alternative Energy Scams, Hoaxes and Other Assorted Snake Oils

  1. Jason Brown says:

    This is Jason Brown ,, a old school MW&S guy,, you know me from YouTube,,, ,, ,, I diden’t know you did podcasts thats cool ,, anyways you all need to make more youtube ,, ignore the others just post some videos

    • crystal says:

      Hey Jason! Jeff’s got some new videos coming out soon, no worries. He took a little hiatus, but we’ve got some newer products rolling out and who better to introduce them than him!

      Thanks for stopping by.

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