Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom Permanent Magnet Generators™

Our Newest Technology in the Residential Wind Turbine Market – Completely Manufactured in the USA

In late 2013 we announced our newest development in wind power generation – the permanent magnet generator. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom PMG™ superior to other products on the market.

Freedom PMG Pictures

What’s new on the outside:

  • Exclusive 100% custom designed polished aluminum exterior casing specifically designed for Missouri Wind and Solar.

  • Extra large cooling fins in the front and rear that allow air to freely pass through the rotor and keep the generator cool.

  • Four mounting points for secure, vibration free mounting. Delco style alternators only have two.

What’s new on the inside:

  • High grade electrical steel stator core that produces less heat buildup.

  • Twice as much copper as any Delco style stator core for better power generation.

  • Skewed stator core, not slanted less powerful magnets, to reduce cogging to zero!

  • Stainless steel shaft that will not rust.

Take a closer look at all of the improvements as Jeff walks you through the prototype in the video below!


Now that the Freedom PMG™ and the Freedom II PMG™ have been on the market for a couple of months, how has it performed?

So easy to turn, a baby can do it! Seriously, the Freedom and Freedom II PMG™ are extremely easy to turn – they have NO COGGING. This also means they have a cut-in wind speed of just 6 MPH (that’s 2.68 m/s) to start producing power in very low wind areas.