Hank Smith sent us a write up on his recent purchase of Missouri Wind and Solar equipment. The 7 blade wind turbine and solar panels were installed at their wilderness camp in the Arctic region of Nunavik, Quebec.

The Leaf River Estuary Lodge is located about 20 miles from the Inuit village of Tasiujaq. Continue reading below for details and photos of this off-grid wind turbine and solar panel setup as well as links to their website to learn more about the lodge.

7 Blade Wind Turbine

At the Leaf River Estuary Lodge, in the Arctic region of Quebec known as Nunavik, a wind generator, manufactured by Missouri Wind and Solar LLC was installed in June 2015 along with solar panels and a solar hot-water system.

Note the wind generator and solar panels on the roof of the foreground building and solar hot water on the roof of the adjacent building, next to the Canadian flag.

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The lodge is thus the greenest wilderness camp in all of Nunavik. The installation, which was done by James Murray and Dave Smith, was somewhat complex as the solar panels deliver 24V DC while the wind generator delivers 3-phase AC, that is then converted to 24V DC.

A central DC charge-control system feeds the energy produced into four large AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries. Since the lodge still runs traditional 120V AC, the battery output is converted back to 120V AC via a large inverter. In the event of a system failure or lack of energy from sun or wind, a gasoline generator can be switched in.

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Charge Controller and Inverter

(left) James Murray (right) Dave Smith with the electrical panel they set up in the background.

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Solar Water Heater

Roof mounted solar water heaters provide hot showers for the guests of the lodge.

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Leaf River Estuary Lodge

The lodge is fully Inuit-owned and operated and offers world-class fishing for Arctic char, Atlantic Salmon, and sea-run speckled Trout.

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Arctic Region | Nunavik, Quebec

The wind turbine and solar panels allow a clean, renewable energy source in this rural location.