In 2016 we had the opportunity to work with customer Dan Hall on a wind and solar project at the Wishbone Game Ranch in Texas. Dan's 24 volt Missouri Falcon Wind Turbine features the Freedom II PMG and the Missouri Falcon blades.

His wind turbine tower has a great gin pole design for easily raising and lowering the wind turbine. Because of the high winds and open space, Dan didn't have too many limitation to the height of the tower.

At just 33 feet in the air, the wind turbine produces between 2 and 10 amps throughout the day, but he's seen in excess of 40 amps.



To produce even more power, Dan also installed 1.5KW of solar. The solar array consists of six 250 watt solar panels. Dan made his own mounting rack with unistrut and 2 7/8 pipe made to turn and swivel to better capture the angle of the sun.



To tie it all together, Dan is using the HVA all in one charge controller board and resistor bank for the wind turbine, a MidNite Solar Classic 150 MPPT charge controller for the solar, a 4000 watt pure sine DC to AC inverter wired into the fuse panel to run lights, a television, refrigerator and freezer.

With a little help from our staff, Dan has designed a system that works for him now and if the power goes out.



Here are some of the products used for this project:

For more videos from Dan and Wishbone Game Ranch, you can visit his YouTube channel here.