Matala Manifold Kit 1/4 HP
Matala Manifold Kit 1/4 HP

Matala Manifold Kit 1/4 HP

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Matala Manifold Kit 1/4 HP MPC-60

Matala aeration manifold kits are included with our Complete Rocking Piston Compressors.

The oil filled pressure gauge allows for an easy read of accurate psi within your system. It does not vibrate like a non-oil filled gauge. The pressure relief valve will open at approximately 50 psi to alleviate back pressure and potential damage to the compressor. The multiple brass valves are 3/8" and connect to a heat protection hose which then connects to your actual air hose. The heat protection hose dissipates the excess heat from the compressor before it reaches your softer air hose.

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