Jerry’s Off Grid Solar Panel Setup

Jerry’s Off Grid Solar Panel Setup

Solar panels and Missouri Wind and Solar Components

Take a look at Jerry’s off grid solar panel setup with Missouri Wind and Solar equipment. Our staff helped design the system and provided custom wiring and hookup diagrams to wire the system components together.  Jerry aims to get rid of his electric bill and have a long time wind and solar backup/off grid system. We know his lights will be on when the neighbors’ go out.

The solar panel array is neatly mounted on the roof in full sunlight.

Off grid solar panel array


The system wiring is protected from the elements with the conduit

off grid solar panel conduit

Electronic components are mounted on an interior wall

off grid solar panel electronics

A close up detail view of the charge controller interior

charge controller electronics interior view
power inverter connections
inverter dc connections

The bus bar combiner box combines multiple wires in one place

Buss bar combiner box

The batteries are isolated from the electronics with adequate spacing to allow for air circulation

Isolated Battery Bank
Battery connections

For more information on these components, visit our website listings at  Make sure you view all of our customer projects for ideas and inspiration.

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One Response to Jerry’s Off Grid Solar Panel Setup

  1. Patrick Thomas says:

    Wow! The set up looks great. My friends and I was planning to set up an off grid for our local trekking club office. We got some old solar panels, and a couple of Staticon inverters, and bought other components like mounts, regulators and batteries. We even have a professional electrician among us, although he is not a solar installer. We thought we could finish up the grid, but we are totally confused about various parts of the layout we designed. Each of us has different opinion on various things. Looks like we need to hire someone better than us to do the project.

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