Take a look at Jerry's off grid solar panel setup with Missouri Wind and Solar equipment. Our staff helped design the system and provided custom wiring and hookup diagrams to wire the system components together. Jerry aims to get rid of his electric bill and have a long time wind and solar backup/off grid system. We know his lights will be on when the neighbors' go out.

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Roof Top Solar Installation

The solar panel array is neatly mounted on the roof in full sunlight.

The panels are mounted to a metal roof using UniRac railing and clamps. The racking system keeps the panels up away from the roof to allow for air flow and cabling. It's important to allow for air flow to keep the panels cool and operating efficiently.

Exterior PV Connections

The system wiring is protected from the elements with the conduit

The cables are protected and secured to the building to keep them safe from animals and the elements. The placement also allows for easy access to check connections should something go wrong with the system.

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The PV is run into the combiner box inside the building. The electronics are kept dry and the space is large enough to keep the electronics from overheating.

It's extremely important for the lifespan of the charge controller, inverter, and batteries to allow the interior components to stay as cool as possible.

The system uses a combiner box, disconnect switch, SMA charge controller, Aims power inverter, and an HYE charge controller.

Combiner Box Wiring

The PV array runs into a PV combiner box located inside the building.

The bus bar combiner box combines multiple wires in one place

Charge Controller Wiring

The SMA Charge Controller features two breakers and can handle battery systems of up to 150 amps.

Power Inverter DC Connection

Close up of the power inverter wiring DC connection.

Power Inverter AC Input

Close up of the power inverter AC connections.

Trojan Battery Bank

The sixteen Trojan batteries are contained in a box built below the electronics. They are spaced with enough room for air to pass around all 4 sides of the battery.


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Battery Connections

Jerry used high quality cable with professional quality terminal ends to get the best connections to and from his battery bank. The terminal ends allow for easy and secure connections to the battery terminals.