W200 Hybrid Dual Amp Meter All In One Wind and Solar Charge Controller
W200 Hybrid Dual Amp Meter All In One Wind and Solar Charge Controller

W200 Hybrid Dual Amp Meter All In One 440 Wind and Solar Charge Controller

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Our dual amp hybrid charge controller board comes pre-wired for plug and play with:

  • 3-phase brake switch with ON / OFF / FREE SPIN positions.
  • Dual 100 amp meter (200 amps total): One for Wind Turbines or hydroelectric generators and one for solar panels
  • Diversion charge controller with LED volt meter
  • Relay
  • Heavy duty 2 gauge (33.6mm2) battery cables
  • and rectifier for 3-phase output wind turbine connection
  • *Battery not included
You can also attach additional DC wind turbines and solar panels to the board. Designed, assembled and quality checked in Missouri USA using global parts.

You'll enjoy the time saving convenience of this plug and play Hybrid Dual Amp All-In-One Digital 440 Wind and Solar Charge Controller setup. Comes with a dual 100 amp (200 amps total) metal housed DC digital meter with on/off switch conveniently pre-wired to the board. No more guessing, the meter shows you your wind turbine and/or solar panel or hydroelectric generator output in real time. In addition, the on/off push button saves you power when you're not around to watch it. The adjustable digital charge controller also has a real-time battery voltage display. The brake switch and rectifier combo pre-mounted takes the hassle out of figuring out how to manually control your wind turbine. This is essential for erecting , braking, and stopping your wind turbine safely.

Pair with the recommended dump/divert load for use with your wind turbine and/or hydroelectric generator.

Some of the key features of the hybrid controller are:

  • Multiple user changeable settings and trip points for many various system requirements and applications.
  • You can change the dump point voltage level, end of dump voltage level, and length of time in divert mode when end dump point voltage is reached (between 0 to 999 seconds, or 0 to 999 minutes). It will also monitor the dump activity and increase diversion duration several times when your batteries are full. This is also adjustable and able to be turned off if desired.
  • Isolated Electronics Protection - Almost impossible to accidentally connect wind or solar directly to the circuit board
  • On board relay isolates electronics from back voltage spikes from large 440 amp relay. This is important to get the longest life out of the electronics. No one else has this!
  • High amp rating: 440 amps capable relay. 100 amps max continuous solar contacts.
  • Battery Status LED lets you know your battery's actual voltage!
  • Green LED on board lets you know the controller is in dump mode
  • Plug & Play: Long leads for easy termination to your battery or battery bank
  • Can divert the charging source from the batteries to the load or dump both the batteries along with the charging source
  • Connect both wind and solar at the same time
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Ultra low power consumption, even with the voltmeter on (almost negligible). The voltmeter can be set to turn off after periods of inactivity.
  • Comes with approximately 5 feet of heavy duty cables to terminate to your batteries.

Comes completely pre-wired as shown above.

Shipping & Dimensions

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 4.25 inches
  • Product Weight: 10.4 pounds

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