HVA-D All in One Charge Controller Board with Optional Inverter

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All In One HVA-D Charge Controller Board

for Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Each Model Includes:

12 Volt All in One Charge Controller Board24 Volt All in One Charge Controller Board48 Volt All in One Charge Controller Board
Charge Controller440 Amp 10,000 Watt HVA Digital Hybrid Charge Controller with fully digital user interface
Disconnect Box60 Amp Heavy Duty Disconnect Box
Dump/Divert Load1200 Watt Diversion Dump Load Resistor Bank

Designed, assembled and quality checked in Missouri USA using global parts.

HVA Digital Hybrid Controller for Wind Turbines & Solar Panels

Use this controller to regulate and prevent battery overcharge in: Solar Systems, Wind Systems, & Hydro Systems

Some of the key features of this controller are:

  • Fully Digital user interface.
  • Solenoid based with 3 stage charge control (bulk, absorb, and float modes).
  • No jumpers or potentiometers need to be set.
  • LCD 2 x 16 Back-lit display
  • Both manual and automatic equalize modes are available.
  • Dual shunts for monitoring both solar and turbine amperage and wattage.
  • Automatic Nominal Battery Voltage Detection.
  • Nearly all charge parameters can be set.
  • Relay on time can be controlled and set for diversion times up to several hours.
  • Upper and lower set points can both be set.
  • Automatic LCD back light dimming to save energy.
  • Dual internal Truck Star breakers, one each for your turbine input and diversion output.

** The solenoid in this unit has been tested to over 440 amps. We have installed two 150-amp breakers as a standard configuration.

This allows for 9000 watts of wind power in a 48-volt system, 4500 watts in a 24-volt system and 2250 watts in a 12-volt system.

Solar systems should be designed for no more than 125 amps continuous current. **

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