How to Install a Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Follow along with this instructional DIY video on how to install a wind turbine slip ring properly.

Wiring A Slip Ring

In the video above, Jeff demonstrates how to hook up a slip ring to our Freedom I and Freedom II PMGs, though you can use the same method for nearly any wind turbine PMA or PMG on the market.

Below, we’ll break it down below to make it easy to follow:

Connecting the Slip Ring to the Mounting Bracket

Attaching a Slip Ring to the Mounting Bracket
Slip Ring Direction

How to Wire the Slip Ring to Our 2000 Watt Freedom II PMG

Separate 3 of 6 Slip Ring Wires

Separate the Leads

Separate three of the six leads from the top of the slip ring (we use this one) and secure with electrical tape. Repeat this process with the same three colored leads extending from the bottom. This important step will keep you from shorting out the PMA or PMG.

Connect 3 Leads to the Wiring Harness

Connect to Harness

Each set of leads from the top of the slip ring will connect with separate leads from each wire harness that extend from the Freedom II PMG.

Connect Remaining Leads to the Rectifier

Connect to Rectifiers

Three leads from the bottom will connect with one three phase rectifier (you will use two three phase rectifiers, included when you order a Freedom II PMG).

How to Wire the Slip Ring to Our 1600 Watt Freedom PMG

Connect Leads to Wiring Bridge Rectifier
Connect Leads to Wiring Harness
Slip rings are not required with our wind turbine generators but some people prefer to use them. In that case, we want to help our customers understand how they should be connected to the wind turbine components to prevent damage from the unit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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