3 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing for DIY Cable
3 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing for DIY Cable

3 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing

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Heat Shrink Tubing

Adhesive lined dual wall (mastic) heat shrink tubing shrinks to 1/3 of its original diameter when heated (creating a moisture proof, airtight, flexible seal)

Available in the following sizes:

  • 3/8 in (9.52 mm)
  • 1/2 in (12.7 mm)
  • 3/4 in (19.05 mm)

For 4/0 (11.68 mm) to 8 AWG (3.26 mm) cable and everything in between.


  • Dual wall polyolefin, 1 foot tubes.
  • You are ordering in 12 inch (304 mm) lengths
Heat Shrink Specifications:


3/8 Inch 1/2 Inch3/4 Inch
Starting Diameter3/8 in (9.52 mm)
1/2 in (12.7 mm)
3/4 in (19.05 mm)
Diameter After Heating1/8 in (3.17 mm)1/6 in (4.23 mm)1/4 in (6.35 mm)
Available ColorRed, BlackRed, BlackRed, Black

This is 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing, meaning it will shrink from its original diameter to 1/3 the size. For example: The 3/8 in (9.52 mm) heat shrink tube will shrink to 1/8 in (3.18 mm) which is 1/3 the original size.

Each of our welding cables has the millimeter (mm) size listed in the description. You will use the mm size with sheathing jacket for the appropriate heat shrink size.

We have both red and black listed. We also have 1/8" black only and 1/4" black only. If you want those, order the 3/8" black and put a note upon checkout that you want 1/8" or 1/4" instead. The 1/4" is a 2-1 shrink size with no mastic (glue).

Watch our tutorial below on how to make your own professional quality cables.

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