Wind Turbine to Grid Tie Inverter Wiring Diagram

To install any wind turbine directly to a grid tie inverter, follow the wiring diagram below.

Make sure exposed electrical connections cannot be accessed by children or pets. Mount the inverter system in a dry, cool weather-proof location.

Connect each inverter to the dump load resisters separately, as shown. The dump load terminals are on the opposite end of the input side of the inverters and are both usually black. The dump load resistors are not polarity sensitive. Use 10 AWG size wire or larger for the dump load wires and securely fasten the ends to the resistors and dump load terminals.

Plug the inverters' power cords into the wall outlet first before connecting the wind turbine. Damage to the inverters may occur if you connect the wind turbine before plugging the inverters into the wall outlet! While the wind turbine is in brake, make your connections from the wind turbine to the bridge rectifier, then make your DC connections to the first inverter.

CAUTION: The wind turbine can produce high voltage that can injure or kill you. DO NOT touch the wind turbine output wires.

Next, use jumper wires from the first inverter to the next so each inverter can share the wind turbine power. Make sure the positive wires connect to the red, or positive, terminals on each inverter. Make sure the negative wires connect to the black, or negative, terminals on each inverter.

It is best to disconnect or brake the wind turbine from the inverters in a high wind situation to prolong the life of the grid tie inverters. Make sure to size the inverter voltage input to the voltage output of your wind turbine. Wind turbines may produce high voltage spikes that can damage sensitive electronics. Use caution.

Wind Turbine to Grid Tie Inverter Diagram