Freedom 3 Sealed PMG for Marine and Desert Use
Freedom 3 Sealed PMG for Marine and Desert Use

Freedom 3 Sealed PMG Permanent Magnet Generator

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Missouri Wind and Solar FREEDOM 3 Sealed PMG
(permanent magnet generator)

New for 2019: Fully Sealed PMG Designed for Wind Turbines and Hydroelectric Power

Great for Marine Environments!
For Use On Land or Sea

The NEW Missouri Wind and Solar PMG is fully sealed to create a water-resistant motor for wind and hydropower. Truly well thought out with years of R&D behind the production.


Some of the features include:

  • Larger bearings to withstand wear and abuse

  • Sealed front bearing with additional labyrinth style seal

  • Case with a rough, natural finish which means more surface area tospeed cooling and improve output performance

  • Keyed shaft and hub stabilizerthat bolts on to the blade hub toprevent slipping and improve safety

  • Hub stabilizer that channels water away from entering through the front of the housing

  • Gasket style seal to keep water from seeping into the case

  • Water resistant design - no marine varnish or painting required

  • Wind tunnel testing up to 55 MPH

We've had the motor installed at our store in Seymour, Missouri with great results and have even run it through our wind tunnel test at 55 MPH. The fully sealed motor is perfect for marine environments but can be used anywhere a wind turbine can be mounted.

Just like the Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom PMGs, the Sealed PMG contains more copper than typical PMAs on the market. What does that mean?More copper equals more power output!Our custom made skewed stator reduces cogging and allows startup in lower wind speeds.

Missouri Wind Freedom 3 Sealed Marine PMGMissouri Wind Freedom 3 Sealed Marine PMG

Why are Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom PMGs Better Than Others On The Market?

  • Most PMAs use a thin aluminum housing and the stator is not pressed in. The MWandS Freedom PMGs feature a very thick aluminum housing and a pressed in stator that helps with proper alignment, durability, and cooling.
  • PMAs have only two mounting holes. MWandS Freedom PMGs have four of mounting holes bolted tightly against the mounting bracket for secure mounting.
  • Alternators and some PMAs have a weak rear bearing. The MWandS Freedom 3 Sealed PMG utilizes large sealed bearings to stand up to wear.
  • Most car alternators and PMAs that are re-purposed use low grade/high iron electrical steel and aluminum windings which can create a lot of heat. The MWandS Freedom PMGs use high-grade electrical steel, real copper winding, and is optimized for efficient cooling.

Freedom 3 Sealed PMG Specifications:
  • 17 mm stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missouri Wind and Solar hubs and blade sets
  • Custom hub spacer/stabilizer with keyway and bolts for attaching to Missouri Wind and Solar blade hubs
  • Double nickel and zinc plated 14 rare earth neodymium magnet rotor
  • No brushes to fail or replace
  • Large, heavy-duty bearings in front and back
  • Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket
  • 3/8" Diameter bolt holes
  • 1 15/16" on center between mounting holes
  • 5 7/8" OD Width
  • 6 5/16" Tall
  • 10 pounds
  • 12 volt at 250 RPM shaft speed (appx 6mph wind, depending on blade set used)
  • 24 volt at 490 RPM (appx 15mph wind)
  • 48 volt at 970 RPM (appx 24mph wind)
Note: You can't charge your batteries until you reach your battery voltage. The faster you spin the PMG, the more amperage will flow. In high wind locations, our 12 volt Sealed PMG makes an excellent 24 volt wind turbine with a high amp capability.


PMA and PMG cases should not be painted or coated- this prevents heat from leaving the motor and reduces efficiency. If you have an open-faced motor like our Freedom single and dual PMGs, you can marine varnish the interior components.

Excluding wind turbine applications, the Freedom 3 sealed PMG should not be run at over 420 watts at 12 volts, 800 watts at 24 volts, 1,500 watts at 48 volts, or 30 amps continuously in a gas or electric belt-driven application without proper cooling fans.

Running the motor continuously without air moving across the case may result in overheating. An MPPT charge controller is ideal in these applications as it greatly reduces the amperage demand from the motor. You will still need to use a cooling fan. Please give us a call at 417-708-5359 to discuss qualifying MPPT Charge Controllers for your application.



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