Missouri Wind and Solar Review: Harbor Freight Briefcase Solar Charger

Missouri Wind and Solar Review: Harbor Freight Briefcase Solar Charger

Jeff from Missouri Wind recently picked up this briefcase solar charger from Harbor Freight and decided to do a quick product review.

13 Watt Briefcase Solar Charger Product specifics:

Price: $79.99

Customer Reviews: 3.7/5 Stars

Name 13 Watt Briefcase Solar Charger
SKU 68750
Brand Thunderbolt Magnum Solar
Amperage (amps) 400 mA
DC Volts 12/24
Wattage (watts) 13
Shipping Weight 12.00 lb.
Accessories Included Cigarette lighter adapter and battery terminal clamps

Our Review:

watch this video on our YouTube Channel

Why did we purchase this item?  Wayne Meador will be traveling from Alabama to California by bicycle to promote sustainable living and we wanted to sponsor his trip!  With the solar briefcase and the rechargeable jumper box, he’ll be able to charge his electronics to check in along the way.  He’ll be making a halfway stop at our store in Seymour, Missouri to visit and we couldn’t be more excited to hear about his travels.

You might be familiar with Wayne’s AWorld4Change website, a source for sustainable living.  They do a live show, Sustainability In The Modern World, every Wednesday at 1PM EST; 12PM CST; 6PM GMT.

If you’re curious about Wayne’s trip and you’d like to contribute, find out more by watching his video below and visiting his Google+ page.


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