Diversion Dump Loads

What is a divert/dump load?

When your batteries are full, you need to divert the excess power being generated to a separate load so your wind turbines will not go into high speed freewheeling in heavy winds. That is where a dump load (also called a divert load) comes in. The charge controller will switch from battery charging to sending power to the dump load to keep the wind turbine under load.

Not using a reliable dump load, or no divert load at all, can cause serious heat build up in the wind turbine motor which could ultimately cause the motor to overheat, seize up, and burn out the stator. At Missouri Wind and Solar, we use wire wound resistors in our charge controllers to make sure all that power has a failsafe place to go.

Divert Dump Load Wiring Diagram

Resistors are shown in parallel to increase the wattage of single resistors and run through the divert lugs on our charge controller.  When the wind turbine charges the batteries, it will divert the load to the resistors and keep your wind turbine from free-wheeling in high winds which may possibly damage your wind turbine.

Get The Right Dump Load for Your Application

Missouri Wind and Solar offers a variety of individual and pre-wired solutions for your wind turbine divert/dump load.

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