12 or 24 Volt LED Floodlight
12 or 24 Volt LED Floodlight

12 or 24 Volt LED Floodlight

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10 Watts -12 Volt DC Input - Waterproof Cast Aluminum Body

We've installed these ultra powerful LED floodlights at our store in Seymour, Missouri. They brightly light our sign and front of our building, see the videos below for details on the project.


Floodlight Features:

  • 10 watt LED as the light source

  • 800 Lumen output

  • Power consumption as low as 10 watts while lumen output equivalent to a 50 watt halogen bulb

  • No UV, IR or other deleterious radiation

  • Waterproof, can be used indoors or outdoors

  • Beam angle: 120 degrees

  • Lifetime: over 50,000 hours

  • Cast aluminum construction with mounting stand, mounting holes and clips

  • Light measures 4.73 x 3.71 x 1.18 inches

Watch this real customer review from SolarShedParts:


Jeff installs the LED floodlights at his pond and gazebo:

Solar LED Sign Lighting at our store in Seymour, Missouri

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