Parallel Wiring for Battery Banks

How to Wire a Battery Bank in Parallel

Parallel Wiring for 24 Volt and 48 Volt Battery Banks Wiring Your Batteries to Increase Amperage 24 Volt Battery Bank Wiring Each 12 volt 100 amp hour battery is connected to the adjacent battery in series to make 24 volts.  Then, each 24 volt pair is connected in parallel to the … Continue reading

3-Phase Double Rectifier Schematic

 Connect multiple 3 Phase AC output wind turbines with double rectifiers If you have more than one 3 Phase AC wind turbine to connect to your battery bank, you will need a separate rectifier for each turbine.  Those rectifiers are first connected to your individual wind turbines and then the … Continue reading

Digital Meter Wiring Diagram

    The diagram above is from our dual meter series. This single amp meter uses the same internal power supply, so hookup instructions are the same, however there is no voltage measurement. There is a big difference in this unit’s internal power supply and the ones you will see … Continue reading

Analog Meter Wiring Diagram

Basic Analog Meter Wiring Diagram   Simply hook up the two terminals from the meter to each side of the shunt (one wire per side). Then place your shunt in series with the load or energy source you wish to monitor. For instance, if you will be measuring the current … Continue reading