Grid Tied Solar


  Grid-Direct PV A grid-connected PV system consists of PV modules, output cables, a module mounting structure, AC and DC disconnect switches,inverter(s), grounding equipment, and a metering system, as shown in the diagram below. The Grid-Tie System Worksheet is designed to help contractors size a PV array to offset all … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Solar Charge Controller


Choosing the Right Solar Charge Controller The difference in MPPT, PWM, and basic charge controllers Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar explains the differences and benefits to using various solar charge controllers.  There are so many products on the market that it may be difficult to understand what you need to … Continue reading

Birds and Micro Wind Turbines

Birds and Wind Turbines

Are Micro Wind Turbines a Danger to Birds? Here at Missouri Wind and Solar, we are often asked if wind turbines pose a threat to birds.  We have quite a few wind turbines up at our store in Seymour, MO.  There are several mounted on the rooftop as well as on … Continue reading

Grass Carp for Controlling Weeds in Your Pond

Grass Carp for Controlling Weeds in Your Pond Pond Health Using Sustainable Methods Over time, you’ve expressed a need for more easy-to-use tips and systems for pond health since most ponds require remote power access.  We know you’re smart and want the most affordable, effective methods for keeping your ponds clear … Continue reading

Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review

Preston Stroud’s AIMS 6000 watt 220 Split Phase Inverter Review & Demo Emergency Backup Power Supply During a Power Outage In Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review YouTube video, he gives a demonstration of using an AIMS 6000 watt 220 volt split phase inverter to plug into a home breaker … Continue reading

Customer Project: Tore’s Wind Turbine Update from the Falcon to Raptor G5 Blades

Wind Turbine Customer Project Tore Changes His Falcon Blades to Three of the Raptor G5 Blades Many of our YouTube followers are familiar with Tore’s ongoing wind turbine project in Norway.  He recently ordered the new Raptor Generation 5 Blades to replace and compare his Missouri Wind and Solar Falcon … Continue reading