Battery Guard Low Voltage Protection Switch
Battery Guard Low Voltage Protection Switch

Battery Guard Low Voltage Protection Switch

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Prolong your battery life with our low voltage shutdown to temporarily disconnect your power inverter from your batteries to prevent over discharge of the battery bank.
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100 Amp Automatic Low Voltage Shutdown Relay Switch

Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch

Protect your batteries from being over-discharged

Use our Low Voltage Battery Protection Relay Switch to temporarily disconnect your power inverter or other DC devices from your batteries. Prolong the lifespan of your expensive batteries with this simple device - completely preset to detect battery voltage.

*You will need to add one positive lead from the LVS to the inverter. You can either cut your existing cable and add terminal ends, or purchase one 12 inch section of cable.

Disconnect DC devices running at:

  • 12 volts, 1200 watts
  • 24 volts, 2400 watts
  • 48 volts, 4800 watts

What does the Low Voltage Shutdown (LVS) do?

The low voltage relay will automatically disconnect the DC power between the batteries and inverter. When the relay disconnects, the inverter will shut down and prevent further draw on the battery or batteries. Once your batteries recharge to a safer level, the LVS will restore DC power to the inverter's DC inputs. The LVS will prevent deep discharges of your battery bank that shorten the life of your batteries.

Keep in mind that some power inverters need to be manually reset i.e. flipping the power switch back on if power is removed from the DC input. There are too many inverters to test in house, so we suggest you follow the next step to determine if your inverter requires a manual reset. In our testing process, some of the inverters resumed power, and some did not.

To test your inverter before purchasing the Low Voltage Shutdown, disconnect your DC to AC power inverter on the DC side and let it sit for 5 minutes. Reconnect the DC power source. If you have to manually reset the inverter, this will also be the case when using the LVS.

Battery Bank VoltageShutdown VoltageReturn Operation Voltage


  • 100 amp capability
  • 5.5 foot long battery sensor leads for easy connections
  • Arc suppressor to prolong the life of the mechanical relay
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