The Air Boss Axial Flux Wind Turbine Generator

The Air Boss Axial Flux Wind Turbine


Gary Brown, fabricator and builder, visits our location in Seymour, Missouri to introduce the Air Boss Axial Flux Wind Turbine.

The axial flux wind turbine  has proven to be one of the most reliable type of wind turbine on the market and has been around since the 1970’s. Due to the simplicity of the turbine, the axial flux is perfect for low wind speed areas.

The design for the Air Boss has been in the works for over 7 years to bring a quality product to the market.

The blades of the Air Boss are extremely high quality and measured to precision.  The blades are laminated and pressed under 20 tons of pressure using the same process for manufacturing wooden aircraft blades.  Once assembled, this model will feature a 10 foot diameter rotor.

The turbine also features double powder coated zinc plated plates, making it a salt proof turbine perfect for coastal areas.

The furling tail system responds to specific mile per hour wind speeds in which the tail will furl up, turning the wind turbine to keep it from burning up in high wind.  The tail arm features a “stop” to keep it from hitting the turbine blades.

For a full view and more information about the Air Boss Axial Flux Wind Turbine, please watch our video below.


Missouri Wind and Solar will be carrying the Air Boss Axial Flux Wind Turbine in the near future. Stay tuned for updates and our upcoming detailed installation video!

To view more information videos, please visit our YouTube channel MissouriWindandSolar

Air Boss Axial Flux Turbine on Missouri Wind and Solar YouTube

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  1. Jay says:

    Looking for a 500 watt vertical axial flux how much $ 951 536 1541

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