Hybrid Wind and Solar Charging

We always recommend using wind turbines and solar panels together to get the most out of your power-generating potential. Al C sent us over some pictures and an excerpt about his project.

I am now the proud owner of an up and running Missouri Wind Generator! It has been a long and hard winter up here in Northern Wisconsin but we have made it. And now I have my wind generator up on a 50' rohn tower and producing power via a Direct Grid Tie Inverter. I wanted to drop a line to express my happiness with your product so far and hope to give you some reports of a dropping power bill in the near future plus a picture of it on the tower after installation. I used some of Rustoleum's new light producing paint in a Hunter Blaze Orange. It glows in the night. Also sending a picture of my solar panels (flexible & fixed) hooked to the grid in the same way via grid tie inverters. NO fuss no muss just plug and play.

Al C