Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review

Preston Stroud’s AIMS 6000 watt 220 Split Phase Inverter Review & Demo

Emergency Backup Power Supply During a Power Outage

In Preston’s AIMS Split Phase Inverter Review YouTube video, he gives a demonstration of using an AIMS 6000 watt 220 volt split phase inverter to plug into a home breaker box as an emergency backup power supply from a 24 golf cart battery bank during a power outage. An 8/3 cord at 125 ft long was used for the connection from the inverter’s sub-panel breaker box and the home breaker box.  Watch the video below:

Preston has a great informational YouTube channel with several alternative energy projects (including his 11 blade Missouri Wind turbine) and updates over the past seven years.  To see his alternative energy setup and his renewable energy projects, give his channel a view here.

Aims Split Phase Inverter

This AIMS Power Low Frequency 6000 Watt 24-volt Split Phase Solar Power Inverter Charger is not your average every-day power inverter. What you see is our top-of-the-line Power Inverter, built for the purpose of running your whole house, business office or large RV. This Inverter Charger is perfect for your Off Grid system or for use as an Emergency Backup Supply.

Are you interested in the Aims Split Phase Inverter shown in the video?  You can check out the full product listing on the Missouri Wind and Solar store at this link.

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