Fully Adjustable Solar Panel Mount
Fully Adjustable Solar Panel Mount

Fully Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Kit for RV, Boats, Camping, & Boondocking

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Versatile, fully adjustable, and collapses for easy storage!

This adjustable anodized aluminum mounting kit for solar panels is an easy to assemble, affordable mount for your solar panel system. Our lightweight brackets can be used with virtually any aluminum framed solar panel and can be collapsed quickly and easy for power on the go or mounted for a more permanent option.

Great for use with RV's, boats, roof and ground mount installation. You can also use the frame as a portable free standing ground installation for your home, at the RV park, camp site, beach, etc. The anodized aluminum is highly corrosion and stain resistant to stand up to the elements.

Designed to mount/rack solar panels up to 28" in width (71.12 cm) and in almost any length!

This well constructed mount lifts your solar panel to provide an optimal height and angle to allow proper air flow around the solar panel, assuring your panel stays cool in high temperatures. Quick, simple adjustments can be made to the brace arms to change the angle.

1 kit contains the following:
  • (2) - 28 inch rails
  • (2) - 22 inch rails
  • (2) - 11.3 inch side arms
  • Fasteners for assembly and solar panel mounting
(Solar panel not included)

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