Relion RB48V300 Lithium Ion Battery
Relion RB48V300 Lithium Ion Battery

Relion RB48V300 Lithium Ion Battery

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Relion Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (RB48V300)

Lasting 10 times longer than a lead acid battery and weighing significantly less, Relion's lithium-ion batteries offer a cleaner, safer, and more reliable off-grid renewable energy storage solution. But that's just the beginning of lithium batteries' advantage over the tradition lead acid chemistry.

This 300 amp-hour battery delivers 3000-5000 cycles at 48 volts a 100% depth of discharge. Most lead acid batteries offer cycle totals in the hundreds, and degrade substantially at discharge depths of more than 50% - meaning you don't get to use their full rated capacity. But the RB48V300 is tolerant of both completely discharging and operating at a partial state of charge without taking damage, which is a huge benefit when used in a solar PV system where extended periods without sunshine (and battery charging) are inevitable.

While ideal for off-grid solar applications, this lithium iron phosphate battery also works great in electric vehicles, RVs, and countless other applications.

Relion RB48V300 LFP Battery Features:

  • Ultra-long life (3000-5000 cycles)

  • Full power available throughout entire discharge cycle

  • Super low resistance provides an incredible 99% charging efficiency - can fully charge in 1-3 hours

  • Maintenance-free; no watering or corrosion

  • Environmentally benign; no gassing, fumes, or pollution

  • Low self-discharge

  • Inherently safe and chemically stable

  • Built-in overcharge protection

  • Performs even in harsh climates

  • Lightweight

  • Can be installed upright or on its side

  • Comprehensive 7-year warranty

Relion RB48V300 LFP Battery Specs:

  • 29.1" L x 16.2" W x 17.6" H

  • 397 lbs

  • Voltage: 51.2V

  • Capacity: 300Ah

  • Energy: 15.36 kWh

  • Cell type: Cylindrical LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)

  • Terminals: LINYI

  • Exterior: IP56-rated steel

  • Maximum in series: 1

  • Manufacturer: Relion Battery

  • Model number: RB48V300

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