12/24 Volt 65 Amp Solid State PWM Hybrid Charge Controller
12/24 Volt 65 Amp Solid State PWM Hybrid Charge Controller

12/24 Volt 65 Amp Solid State PWM Wind/Solar Hybrid Charge Controller w/ Volt Meter

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High Contrast Volt Meter - Works directly with 12 or 24 volt systems  

This solid-state (no relays or solenoids) charge controller has been specifically designed for medium sized solar or turbine, battery based alternate energy systems of up to 65 amps. The Missouri Wind 65PWM uses two high-power mosfets (230 amps each), in a back-to-back configuration, allowing a significant increase in total current handling capability over competing models in this price range.  Even better, it's made in the USA.

Use this controller to regulate and prevent battery overcharge in:

  • Solar Systems
  • Wind Systems
  • Hydro Systems


  • Microprocessor controlled - This is very important for both stability and functionality.
  • Solid-State - No relays or solenoids to wear out.
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) charging - Charges using pulses of varying lengths)
  • Three stage charging for better battery life.
  • Both manual and automatic (30 day) equalize function.
  • User changeable settings - Several controllers on the market set the voltage levels, and that's that!
  • High Amp rating - 65 amps solar mode or 65 amps in the diversion mode.
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage and overheat protection.
  • Multiple system voltage settings - Easy to set jumper allows use on 12 or 24 volt systems.
  • High Contrast LED battery voltage meter.
  • On/Off switch for the meters to allow extremely low idle current.
  • Battery and charge status LEDs - Several controllers do not tell you what's going on - This one does!
  • Push to test - Ever wonder if your controller & load are working OK?
  • Reverse polarity protected - This unit will not be damaged if you inadvertently reverse the inputs.
  • Steel enclosure - with multiple conduit openings and cooling vents
  • Large terminals - that can actually terminate large wire, with lugs that accept up to #2 wire.
  • Extended diversion mode (EDM.)
  • Works as either a solar charge controller (series), or a diversion controller for wind/hydro systems: The controller will automatically sense the appropriate mode.
  • Passive cooling systems uses aluminum cooling pipes that run the length of the unit for continuous cooling of the entire unit allowing for proper operation at high power levels.
  • No blocking diodes are required for solar. The back-to-back mosfets prevent reverse leakage.
  • A PWM controller that adapts its pulse logic to perfectly accommodate wind systems.
  • Note: Continuous power handling will be reduced in hot climates or installations.
  • 100% Made in the USA

The microprocessor is the heart of the controller. The battery level is constantly checked by the microprocessor and compared to the active mode's (Float, Bulk or Equalize) set point to determine how much, if any, current should flow into or out of the batteries. As the battery's level of charge increases, so does the voltage of the battery.  The battery's level of charge can be determined by the voltage of the battery. As the charge level increases, the controller may use very short pulses of energy to "top off" or maintain the charge at the optimum level. These pulses of energy will be of varying lengths as required. This charging algorithm is referred to as pulse width modulation (or PWM), and when properly controlled, offers a very suitable method of charging deep cycle batteries to ensure good battery health and longevity.

Settings are user changeable! By simply turning the setpoint potentiometers with a small screwdriver, you can quickly adjust the trip point for the float or bulk mode. (Equalize mode is about 7% higher than the bulk mode). 

Two very powerful 230 Amp mosfets are used to insure plenty of reserve capacity above the rated 65 Amps this controller has been designed to handle. The mosfets are arranged in such a manner that they can handle currents in either direction.  They can perform in the capacity of a solar charge controller or a diversion mode controller. The controller automatically determines the proper mode of operation. If the controller senses that there is voltage on the "Solar/Diversion" terminal then it assumes that the controller has been wired as for the solar mode. If there is no voltage present on this terminal, then the diversion mode will instead be chosen. This terminal is checked often by the microprocessor to insure the controller selects the proper mode. If no connection has been made to the "Solar/Diversion" terminals, then the mode may be either. 

The enclosure is heavy gauge, solid steel, ready to mount. No plastic, no junk, simple and rugged. 

This custom made enclosure allows for two amply sized conduits on the bottom as well as vents on the top side.

  • The box measures 5.1" (W) x 8" (H) x 2" (D)
  • The electronics are fully isolated from the box.
  • The backside of the enclosure contains a solid plate of 1/8" aluminum tied directly to the main internal heat sink, which effectively dissipates the heat from the two high power mosfets

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