Bus Bar Combiner Box with Dual Busbars
Bus Bar Combiner Box with Dual Busbars

6 x 6 Inch Dual Bus Bar Combiner Box

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6 x 6 Inch Dual Bus Bar Combiner Box

100 Amp, Dual Bus, Combiner Box

Nema 3R, all metal weather-tight lockable enclosure

Perfect for paralleling solar panels or multiple wind turbines (after the rectifier, but before the battery). The enclosure can be mounted outdoors with no additional protection from normal rain and snow. One bus is generally used for the positive wires while the other bus is used for negative wires.

Product Features:

  • Ten position bus on each side that will hold #16 to #4 AWG wire.
  • For use in aboveground and underground applications as well as exposed outdoor usage
  • One Lug on each side which holds up to # 2 AWG wire.
  • Each busbar is fully isolated from each other and the enclosure.
  • Includes a non conductive back plate which helps prevent accidental shorting due to stray wire strands.

Overall box dimensions:

  • 6" high x 6" wide x 4" deep NEMA 3R Screw Cover Enclosure

Additional Specifications:

  • Bodies and doors fabricated from 16, 14, or 12 gauge carbon steel and pre-galvanized steel
  • Drip shield top and smooth seamless sides and front Knockouts are standard on bottom of 4.00" and 6.00" deep enclosures
  • A slip-on reversible cover is securely fastened with screws located along bottom edge
  • No gasketing is required
  • Hasp for padlocking or meter seal is provided ANSI-61 gray polyester powder inside and out over phosphatized surfaces over carbon steel
  • Pre-galvanized finish with phosphatized surface
  • Brackets with 1/4" holes are on both top and bottom for easy mounting.

Buss Bar Combiner Box Diagram

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