500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt
500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt

500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt

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Deltec 500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt


  • Resistance: 500 Amp at 50 millivolts, or 0.1 milliohm.
  • Max. steady state current, amps: 410 Amperes
  • Thermal time constant: 18 minutes
  • Overload current: If normally operated at less than 300 amps, it will take overloads to 500 amps for durations of less than 5 minutes.
  • Physical characteristics: Has a plastic base 3.25 x 1.75 in. with two mounting holes .205 "dia, 1.25" apart o.c. 1.75 inches overall height. High current connections are made to two bolts (3/8"-16) which are 1.50 in. apart (o.c).

Use with the MidNite Solar Whizbang for monitoring you batteries or pair with your power inverter.

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