70 Inch Raptor G5 5 Blade and Hub Set
70 Inch Raptor G5 5 Blade and Hub Set

Raptor G5 70 Inch Diameter 5 Blade and Hub Set

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5 Raptor 70" Generation 5 Blades and Hub for Wind Turbine Generators

The Raptor Generation 5 33 inch wind turbine blades. These blades can be used to replace HyEnergy, WindMax, SkyMax, and Gudcraft wind turbines.

This kit includes 5 Generation 5 wind turbine blades and a 5 blade hub.

They are rated to withstand 125 mph winds and are designed to operate real PMAs (permanent magnet alternators) at high speed in low winds to create the maximum power a PMA can put out.

New revolutionary carbon fiber composites (used by the aircraft industry) are what these blades are made of - The same material used in the F-22 Raptor fighter jet.

Raptor Series Black Carbon Fiber Blade Specifications:

  • Each blade is 33" long
  • Blade base is 5.35" (136 mm) wide
  • Mounting bolt holes are 5/16" (8 mm)
  • Blades weigh approximately 2 pounds each
  • 70" assembled outside swept area
  • Ran to strict specification and procedures
  • Reinforced and impact resistant
  • Cooled to avoid warping
  • QC gauged 100% for size
  • Inspected for flaws and appearance at three points
  • Weighed for density
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light (UV protected)! Will NEVER crack or degrade
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Rich black coloring for aesthetics
  • Limited Warranty
Hub Specifications:
  • 8 3/8" diameter
  • 1/4" thick steel
  • 17mm center
  • Bolt holes 5/16" (8 mm)
  • Zinc plated
  • 3.5 pounds
View the PDF CAD drawing for specific measurements

More information about these blades:

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